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SynthoTec is one of the top European manufacturers and suppliers of precision plastic parts for mechanical and electrical engineering. Our products can be found in almost all rotary fitting parts that you can imagine, from alternator drives, air conditioning, wheels, to the axle of heavy vehicles and railway locomotives. Also clips for electric cables, parts in your home/professional power tools, to security buckles on child seats.

We approach our customers, located all over Europe, North and South America and Asia, responsibly and professionally. Our goal is to build and maintain long-term partnerships that are effective for both parties. We would be pleased if your company could expand the ranks of our satisfied customers.

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In more than 0 years of business, our cages have rotated in more than 0 millions bearings at more than 0 customers around the world.

Products Range

SynthoTec is ready to deliver precision mouldings for almost all types of bearings according to your specification. Our standard range of diameters is from 20 mm to 250 mm, however we can adapt to requirements outside of this range. Other products are not limited to a size range; the only restriction is the weight the of final moulding. We use technology which enables us to produce mouldings weighing from a few grams to over 500 grams.

Generally, we design and produce on multicavity moulding tools - bearing cages up to 16 cavities, and other parts at even higher cavitation. This allows us to offer attractive terms of cost for customers. Each of our machines includes some type of robotic manipulation, which is tailored to the customers' requirements for packing method. The form of the final packaging and labelling is fully in the hands of the customer. SynthoTec can adapt to any requirement for the method of packaging and delivery of products. The selection of product types is shown below.

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Polymer cages for deep groove ball bearings

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Polymer cages for taper roller bearings

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Polymer cages for needle bearings

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Polymer cages for angular contact ball bearings

layout styles

Polymer cages for HUB bearings

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Polymer seals

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Polymer cages for strut bearings

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Polymer cages for roller bearings

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Technical mouldings for child safety parts

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Technical mouldings for electrotechnical industry

What Clients Says

1970 | Torrington Coventry Plant
1990 | SynthoTec Ltd.
1994 | First supply to NSK
1995 | 1st automated production cell
2003 | Pemberstone Venture Entry
2006 | Slovakian plant established
2007 | over 75Mio products manufactured per annum
2007 | Production start up
2010 | Project restart after deep recession
2011 | 1st all electric M/C cell installed
2012 | Own design office
2015 | 1st 16 cavity tool for DGBB released
2015 | 12th automated production cell
2017 | 14th automated production cell

Technical sources

SynthoTec has its own design department, which is an effective tool in improving customer service. Experience in the production of plastic injection moulding parts can thus be directly and daily applied to design new projects in order to optimize production efficiency. Efficient use of standard purchased parts and high-quality tool steel for functional parts of the mould tools guarantee fast and easy maintenance of the mould tools throughout their lifetime. SynthoTec has its own qualified engineers who process documentation from the first prototype, through correction and optimization of mould tools in CAD programs in all common formats (* .dxf, * .dwg, * .igs * .stp, * .step). For the design itself we use software Creo Parametric (recently known as ProEngineer). As a standard procedure, we ensure a product visualisation and rapid prototyping of the part. According to the complexity of the moulding we also provide Mold Flow product analysis. For manufacture of our mould tools we use high quality standards, primarily from German and Austrian suppliers and steel primarily from Swedish suppliers. For the actual production of mould tools, we use a base of selected qualified European toolmakers with years of experience with these types of products.

Production process

The production process is ensured by the latest injection technology. We only use modern injection moulding machines completed by modern technologies. Our lines consist of the latest models of presses (Engel, Battenfeld, Demag ...) with additional robotic handling production facilities (ABB, FANUC ...). A line is always bespoke designed for the customer project to ensure optimal use of the kit according to customer specifications.
Normally, we handle all types of engineering plastics starting with PA6, PA66, PPA, PA46, PA12, to the highest classes of PEEK series. Equally, however, we can handle other types of engineering plastics. Online monitoring of parameters like OEE is enabling us to monitor the current, real-time effectiveness of manufacturing equipment and to focus on continual improvement of their usage.

Another manufacturing parameters are part of Quality Management systems and general company KPI.

Top quality

Our integrated management system is the backbone of quality management and environmental management. The company is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. Production procedures and controls for individual components are in line with customer requirements and meet the strict requirements of the automotive industry. To measure and control the quality of products we use modern optical and tactile measuring equipment Baty, ZEISS, Mettler-Toledo, Mahr, Mecmesin. The quality assurance staff are regularly trained on the latest measurement procedures, the use of modern measuring equipment and up to date industry requirements. The new products are manufactured according to the agreed APQP plan and approved for production after PPAP documentation approval.

Meet the team

  • Liz Rees Logistic
  • Wayne Williams Customer projects
  • Chris Daly Customer service
  • Ing. Monika Kučerová Quality assurance
  • Katarína Chobotová Logistic
  • Ing. Marián Ovčik Customer projects
  • Ing. Radomír Grauzel Customer service
  • Ing. Marcela Čepelová Quality assurance

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